What is your favourite tool?

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#ELTchat is a (more or less) hour-long conversation which takes place on Twitter every Wednesday at 20:00 GMT/UTC.

On Saturdays one of the moderators puts up a blog post where followers can propose topics for the following Wednesday. Once the moderators have reviewed the topics they create an online poll and #ELTchat followers are asked to vote.

Summaries and Transcripts Index
At the end of the chat someone ‘volunteers’ to make a Summary of the discussion, the moderators providing the Transcript.


Most of the tools that were mentioned during the ELTchat on 16th November 2016.

  1. Whiteboards. I think we were unanimous in putting these first as in terms of usefulness. . Mini-whiteboards (either laminate A4 or stick in a polypocket) suggested by Teresa Bestwick. Magic Whiteboard could be useful but it’s pricey.
  2. Coloured markers: another polyvalent low tech tool.
  3. Cork bulletin boards.
  4. Interactive whiteboards were not so popular but I find Explain Everything intriguing.
  5. Marisa Constantinides has created a Padlet with all the tools that were suggested here: #ELTchat Tools Swapshop.
  6. A lot of people use various Google Tools: Google DocsGoogle Slides
  7. I think that the only Content Management System mentioned was WordPress. Google Tools can easily be inserted into WordPress pages with the addon: Google for WordPress.* I think there’s a similar tool for Moodle.
  8. On the other hand several Learning Mangement Systems were mentioned which have integrated tools (forums, wikis, etc.) and students’ work can be tracked and graded.Moodle, EdmondoCanvas
  9. Who doesn’t know Kindle? But how to use it in class?
  10. Various quiz makers for use outside LMSs were mentioned: Quizlet, Kahoot, Quizizz,
  11. Videos games and quizzes: Edpuzzle, PlayPhrase.me, Nawmal,
  12. QR Codes: QR Codes for Teachers, How to use QR codes in the classroom,
  13. Flipbook maker: Flip PDF Professional,
  14. Learning songs (fill-in-the-blanks/dictation) Lyrics Training. Huge choice of songs (not only English).
  15. Join.me: free screen sharing.

Odds & Ends:

*If people are interested I can explain  how to insert any
webpage in another using “copy & paste” in HTML. No need to learn
the code.

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